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7 steps that assure a great renovation experience.

Tips for Bathroom Renovations

Renovating your bathroom can on occasion seem overwhelming – you might not know where to start, sometimes you might know where to start but make common mistakes such as being unprepared, under estimating the cost, or perhaps choosing the wrong quote or renovator to do the job. Well there’s still hope, we have come up with ‘7 things you must consider for your Bathroom renovations’, this will help you get started and to make sure you’ve thought everything through and can then make the best final decision that suites you!
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7 steps you must consider for your bathroom renovations

  1. Make sure that you have considered a reasonable amount for your budget, make sure you’re clear about how much you are wanting to spend, but keep it realistic so that you’re still getting the best quality.
  2. Do your homework by choosing a KBDi qualified and registered renovator. Don’t be fooled into thinking that HIA membership alone provides you with the security of finding a suitably qualified renovator to renovate your bathroom, it does not. The only qualifications to provide you with the secure knowledge that your renovator is qualified to carry out your work is a renovators who is KBDi qualified and registered.
  3. Spend some time researching to gain a good understanding of what design ideas there are, do this by reading magazines, searching Pintrest or the web with specific interest in interior design, storage and the latest up to date techniques.
  4. Be prepared to acquire at least three quotations, make sure you stay emotionally detached from the project so that you can make the most objective and informed decision when it comes to selecting your renovations
  5. Have clear outlined goals that meet with your expectations and have visuals and photos to show your renovator to avoid any mis-communication regarding what your expectations are.
  6. Carefully consider your colour scheme, once there colours are chosen you’ll have to look at them all the time, so make sure they complement each other. If this isn’t an area you’re gifted in, not to worry your registered and qualified KBDi renovator can help you out.
  7. Develop a professional relationship with your renovator so that you can confidently allow the renovator to do the job you are paying them to do.

We hope that these steps will help you get started and will avoid any stress and hassle that might have otherwise occurred.

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