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“Have you got underfloor heating”?

Options for Bathroom Heating

Under-floor heating:

Under-floor heating is one of most popular forms of bathroom heating for builders and renovators as it offers many advantages over traditional heating systems. There is a variety of systems for you to choose from depending on your budget and projecIMG_0535t.

The four options for under-floor heating are: In-slab or In-screed, all offering different systems according to what suits you best and will help you achieve the result of warm and comforting flooring for you to enjoy. Each system varies in price and are shaped to assist you in whatever stage of your renovations/building plan you are at.

Heated Towel Rails:        

Heated towels rails come in various designs which include: Round Bar, Square Bar and Heated. Heated towel rails must meet the Australian standards and come with a plug for ‘soft wiring’ and a concealed wiring kit enabling them to be hard wired with no cable showing if required. Heated towel rails will assist you in keeping your towels and items which you place upon the device, warm and heated right through at a comfortable and safe temperature.

Ducted Air conditioning vent:                                   

Ducted air conditioning provides  climate controlled comfort throughout your entire home. They can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one. Ducted air-conditioning is a useful in keeping you comfortable, however unless it is already installed – it will become cost prohibitive to add it to a bathroom

Wall panel heater:

Predominately mounted on walls to provide a spacious and warm environment in your home. The main wall-mounted heaters on the market are ones which use natural convection technology which is heat generated behind the heater in the space between the panel and the wall, which leads to an efficient up draught of heated air circulated into the room, this system is economical, safe and efficient.

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